[To the Soul] Random Doodles

A small selection of recent To the Soul doodles, pixels and animation ♥


Halloween WIP

Featuring: Masa, Munryeo, the Wandering Necromancer, Ryu, Yugami and Hizumi, Lilith and Puzzle. These characters, minus the heroes – and Ryu to some extent, represent the dark side of To the Soul.

Work in Progress

I don’t actually do a lot of shareable sketches so the purpose of this blog being for rough work and random things is perhaps a little… illjudged. 😀

In any case, here’s a WIP of a new To the Soul picture.

Here we have Queen Elonis and her two loyal protectors, General Raenes and Sergeant Iria. Raenes and Iria joined the military as young men so that they could still fulfil their childhood vows to protect Elonis when she became queen. Iria is Elonis’ only cousin.

More information will follow when I post the finished picture on deviantART. 😀

{To the Soul} Mini RPG WIPs

Because I seem to like giving myself OH-SO-MUCH work to do, I have decided to make a mini RPG. Huzzah!

To the Fang and Thief will be a crossover featuring characters from my comics To the Soul and In Fang and Thief.


You will play as Masa as he and Munryeo travel to the Mercian city of Asgard to rest and recuperate after much, ahem, soul-searching. Unfortunately for them, a thief seemingly linked to the infamous gay bar of the Lower Asgard slums ensures that sipping ale and playing arrows will be the last thing they’ll be doing. Queen Elonis of Owrystia and her loyal guards also seem to have an invested interest in the thievery prevalent in the bars of the city. With thieves, prostitutes, royal guards and the Queen herself to contend with, will Masa and Munryeo ever get their much-needed rest?


(From To the Soul)
Masa – A mercenary with eleven shadows
Munryeo – A priest with half a soul
Elonis – Queen of Owrystia
Raenes – General of the Owrystian Royal Guard
Iria – Raenes’ seccond-in-command

(From In Fang and Thief)
Jun – A young thief
Xero – Owner of the Fang and Thief Inn
Meiro – Xero’s partner


Lower Asgard marketplace
The Fang and Thief Inn / Garden
The Arrow and Bale pub
Lower Asgard town
The Holy Shrine

B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S

The idea was to make just a short little game using the amazing RPG Maker and all of its awesome features, however… I have now decided to make the whole thing from scratch so here’s a sneaky peak at one of the backgrounds and the mock-up for Masa’s sprite.

All of the backgrounds are going to be digitally painted as opposed to pixelled. I couldn’t get the look I wanted with the RPG Maker materials so I decided I’d draw everything instead. This is the sheltered Holy Shrine in Lower Asgard where you can pray to restore health for free.

To the left is the rough doodled version of Masa’s sprite. Again, I wasn’t happy with the RPG Maker sprites. I like tall and skinny ones. :3

That’s all I can give you for now. I’m not entirely certain when this will be finished as, even thought it’s only going to be a very short game, there’s so much artwork to do before I even attempt to start programming. I’ll keep you updated as often as I can though. I might need you to get the pom poms out to cheer me on when I realised this task I’ve set for myself is just TOO HARD! XD

{To the Soul} RPG Designs

Rough – and fairly old – designs for the RPG version of Munryeo and Elonis. It was a cracktastic idea put into six pages of random comic but it still amuses me greatly. Because, after all, who doesn’t love the random of things? Haha.

{To the Soul} Ryu

Meet Ryu. He’s not a main character but he is a very important one.

He resides on Mt. Caelestis, a perilous ice-covered mountain on an isolated island just north of Albion.

{To the Soul} Mini Masa

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Munryeo;

Here’s a sneak preview of what will soon become a Valentine’s gift to all my lovely friends and followers ❤